Our blog featuring all things home remodeling, design and build with wide flung interpretation. Here we cover design concepts for kitchens, bathrooms, home additions as well as whole house. We also cover, green building,building science and building materials. In the wider flung reaches we cover urban design, the psychology of happiness and celebrations of those things. We are also happy to take and answer your questions.

Blue-tiful Kitchen

"Stearns did an excellent job and our kitchen turned out better than I could have dreamed. We had been overwhelmed by all the potential choices before we engaged Stearns, and we found their design services to be hugely helpful. I was especially impressed by their...

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Is HomeAdvisor a Good Way to Find a Contractor?

HomeAdvisor.com is a popular site that spends a lot on marketing. So, are they a good resource for finding a contractor? My answer is that depends. So, let’s break it down. Pros HomeAdvisor has some great content, though some of it needs to be taken with a grain of...

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Mastering Color in Residential Remodeling

My name is Hugh. But today we will be talking about color so, today, I am Hue: a person of color.  The color palette is such a powerful and unifying element in interior design that it is to a where we start. In the process of guiding clients through selections and...

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Speaking to Your Home

I have always advised those who seek to build a home to camp on the land at least once, and through the course of a year if possible, before embarking on design. “let the land speak to you,” I advise. And the same is true of those who have bought a home and want to...

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Nature’s Free Energy Audit on a Frosty Morning

You can learn a lot about the building science on a frosty morning drive.  The next time you are driving down a residential street on a frost morning, notice the roofs. Are they all glittery or is the frost patchy or all together absent in some places? The patterns of...

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6 Reason to Consider Us for Your Next Remodeling Project

Because your home is your family’s sanctuary, finding the right remodeler is almost as important as finding the right family doctor. We might be the right company to provide care for your home. Here are five key reasons why our clients have chosen us.   1. Project...

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5 Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Creating a plan for a kitchen remodel can be stressful and overwhelming. Aside from figuring out exactly how you want your space to look, working around a budget, you must also make a lot of selections to create your masterpiece. How much does it cost to remodel a...

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Can a Home Addition Increase the Value of My Home?

For many homeowners, it’s practically second nature to think about the value home additions can bring to their property. Whether it’s in the form personal value or marketability, knowing just how much you’ll get back can help ease the anxiety that comes with spending...

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