Highly Professional
Clear Remodeling Process


Whether your goal is to remodel a kitchenbathroom or add an addition to your homes, you will appreciate the Stearns Design Build experience. Having served College Station and Bryan for over twenty years, we have developed a clear and efficient process. Our transitions design approach brings happiness into your home. We specialize in large projects such as additionskitchensbathrooms and whole house remodels.

“The Stearns Design Build staff is its strongest asset. They are knowledgeable and courteous. They have a way of making you feel like their most important customer. They know their jobs and they perform them well.”

— Guild Quality Review


Stearns Design-Build is a home remodeling firm that has been serving College Station, Bryan, and the Brazos Valley since 1993.  We are the area’s premier green builder. As a full-service firm, Stearns Design-Build does a wide range of residential projects in the Bryan/College Station area. We bring building science to the art of design to produce custom kitchens, baths, additions and whole house remodeling projects.  We specialize in energy efficiency, building science, and healthy homes designed with our unique design theory known as Transitions. There is a large body of research showing that people who have strong connections to their natural and community environments are happier and healthier. Applying these findings, we are able to design and build happiness for our clients.

Part of our craft is to understand our clients in order to better design spaces that reflect who they are. We also make sure to understand the home and the environment.  Our approach in the hot, humid, post oak savanna is not the same as it would be in a cool dry climate. Creating connection in a suburban area is different than in a rural or urban area.

We design to the existing home and the relationship that our clients have to it. A remodeled section of a home should be new and fresh. It should also fit seamlessly into the character of the rest of the home.

We know that in addition to being exciting, remodeling can be stressful. We manage our clients’ stress in several ways. Communication is key. Our clients get daily updates and weekly briefings.  We use collaborative software that makes communication quick and easy.  We use dust-walls and air scrubbers to keep our clients’ homes as dust free as possible. We understand that, unlike other forms of construction, our work is done in a home and not on a job site.

We engage in processes of continual improvement. We hold debriefings after every project to analyze what went well and what we can improve upon. This information is stored in various forms of institutional memory such as checklists, specifications and inspection reports so that it is secure for future use.

We survey our clients happiness level with every meeting and we do a more thorough third party survey after each project. This gives us the information we need to be focused on customer service and continual improvement. It also provides a deep body of information for future clients to vet us.

We strive to develop lifelong relationships with our clients. To do this, we follow up with them on a regular basis.  This also allows us to monitor the durability of our work. Our family of past clients also has access to our handyman service, which we do not offer beyond this group.