Contemporary + Modern Renovation: Part 1

Contemporary + Modern Renovation: Part 1

We recently finished a full home renovation in College Station, Texas. 

We’ve divided this renovation into a three-part blog series to guide you through each element of this redesign. Our end goal was to effortlessly tie together each space of this home and now, we’re excited to visually guide you through this incredible transformation. Let’s begin!

Originally built in the late ‘90s, this project’s broad scope included 8 interior rooms plus new floors throughout the home, transforming this late ’90’s home into a carefully curated, contemporary residence.

Throughout the home were slightly aged, honey-tone wood cabinets with black and charcoal granite counters and gray tile backsplashes.

Beginning with white oak wood as our inspiration, new wood-look floors replaced large-format, textured gray tiles throughout the rooms in the home.

In the adjoining den, an existing and large built-in entertainment center sat against a main focal wall with its somewhat overpowering honey-toned presence.

After a lengthy discussion, the clients were ready to part ways with custom wood built-in in an effort to achieve “something better, something brand new!”

Maintaining a contemporary + modern edge while incorporating transitional elements offered in warm tones and organic materials, a high-impact and unique design emerged for this feature wall.

Working with a handful of existing base components from the original built-in cabinetry, a floor-to-ceiling “secret” door clad in intricately patterned wood concealed a large storage closet with adjustable shelves.

A floating tv shelf in the same natural stain finish as the floors flanked by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves completed the custom contemporary feature wall.

Working From Home: Redesign Your Space

Working From Home: Redesign Your Space

So many of us are newly working from home and will be for the foreseeable future. We have some top tips for creating a designated + desirable workspace in your home.

Creating this new space in your home will not only help you stay in the right frame of mind but will also create a clearer separation between your work and home life. Creating these boundaries will make it easier for you to switch off from work and ‘leave the office’ at the end of the day, which is key for peace and balance as we chart this new territory.

Whether this designated space is small or large, it’s imperative to have it organized to maintain efficiency throughout your workday.

As a home remodeling company, we are constantly thinking of ways to help you make the most of your home and now workspace. We love looking at all aspects of home offices including desks, whiteboards, built-in shelving, workflow design, etc. 

Here are just a few ideas to help you reach max productivity while working from home!

Built-in Desk + Shelving

Imagine a multi-purpose wall with your desk + bookshelves, as this could aid with productivity for all family members, plus built-in desks can help eliminate clutter in the office space. Depending on the amount of space you have, built-in desk designs can feature any number of drawers + shelves! Don’t forget that additional storage units and concealed cubby holes can easily be implemented to hide paperwork and clutter.

Convert A Room

There are endless possibilities for converting an unused space into an office. Here are some rooms that could be converted into office spaces.

  • An Attic
  • A large closet
  • Garage
  • Guest Room
  • Family Room
  • Breakfast Nook
  • Laundry Room

 If you don’t have an extra room to convert, another idea is a “corner office”.

Easily convert a corner in a room into your own workspace. It requires less space but you’re still able to implement the privacy + organization of a workspace.

Design Ideas

We all know that lighting is key! A well-lit room is paramount for productivity in your office space. You can install lighting into a desk or add lamps to supplement. If you have the choice, opt for an office space with natural light, as it can help prevent that afternoon slump. 

Pop of Color! Add a bold or bright pop of color while keeping the rest of the space neutral. You can add an accent wall, colorful cabinets, install bright and enticing artwork, or a colorful chair.

Keep it Green: Research shows that plants improve air quality, health, mood, and productivity. There are many great options for office plants.

These are just a few ideas for your home office. How have you adjusted your workspace to make it more productive + comfortable? We’d love to hear. 

We’re here for you! Let us help you create your ideal home office space. 

COVID-19 & Aging In Place

COVID-19 & Aging In Place

We are just beginning to see the negative effect of COVID-19 in nursing homes all around the country. For now and for the foreseeable future, things don’t look too good for older folks; they are dying from COVID-19 at significantly higher rates than younger individuals. Furthermore, when living in a retirement community or nursing home, the risk is even greater.

We have always been advocates for Aging In Place. By helping seniors stay in their homes longer falls directly within our mission of enhancing the quality of life in the home and providing environmentally friendly solutions.

As home remodelers, we have noticed over the years that many people move from their family homes into assisted living because they can no longer maintain the home. To this end, we decided to start Stearns Home Care, a subsidiary of Stearns Design Build. Stearns Home Care is an annual subscription service that provides regular home maintenance, while concurrently allowing seniors to stay in their homes.

We want to help you and your loved ones stay safe. So, in these uncertain times, we are expanding beyond our subscription service to include any home maintenance tasks and aging in place modifications, such as ramps and grab bar installation.

15% Off Deck & Outdoor Kitchen SALE!

15% Off Deck & Outdoor Kitchen SALE!

Let us help you transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis! During this strange time, we cannot see our friends + family, travel, go to the gym, and enjoy our freedom!  However, we CAN work on the outside of our homes and we want to help!

At Stearns Design Build, we strongly believe in the benefits of spending time in nature. The results are astounding: lowering stress, reducing blood pressure and heart rate and feeling better emotionally. We want to help you spend more time outside!

This is why we are offering 15% off!

This includes:

  • Repair & Installation of Decks
  • Screened-in Porches
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Now Call Us Today For a FREE Virtual Consultation!

Get your DIY Project Started Now with Stearns!

Get your DIY Project Started Now with Stearns!

Are you working on a DIY home project? We want to help! During these uncertain and challenging times, we’ve been thinking of creative + functional ways to serve you. 

We are now offering virtual consultations for your DIY projects. Some projects may include: patching drywall, installing plank flooring, repointing mortar, air sealing, replacing siding & rotten exterior cladding/trim, pouring concrete patios, framing, trim work, removing interior walls, and much more!

So many of us in our community are affected by COVID-19 and we want to help however we can. We understand these are difficult times and we want to offer financial assistance if you’ve been directly impacted. 

Pay What You Can and DIY with Stearns.

We are offering “Pay What You Can” with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. Even if you’re unable to pay, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re all in this together and we want to be of service during this chaotic time.