New decade, new trends! From countertops to cabinets, here is our prediction for the top 10 kitchen trends that will dominate designs in 2020! Get ready to start planning your dream kitchen.

Upper cabinets are not ideal since they are hard to reach and they tend to make a kitchen feel smaller. We imagine that we’ll be removing more upper cabinets than installing new ones and in their place, we will be adding open shelving.

There are a few downsides to open shelving, depending on personal preference. 

There is typically added dust accumulating on your dishes,  which requires extra cleaning. Another option is to mix the two and only replace your corner cabinets with open shelves for things such as cookbooks or décor.

Now, that you’ve chosen the countertops, paint, and flooring; there is one more essential element for your dream kitchen. Kitchen wall tiles both protect + personalize the hardest working room in the house. Available in every colorway and a huge range of patterned, textured or simple designs.

We were excited to see that we were ahead of this trend last year with this blue kitchen pictured above that was featured in Insite Magazine. We will be seeing a plethora of colored cabinets in 2020.

Say goodbye to the heavy + broach raised panel cabinet doors of the past. Simple shaker or even smooth cabinets doors that are easier to clean and match the elegance of a 2020 kitchen.

The accessories in your kitchen are an essential +  important component in the design, especially with hardware. When you change something as simple as hardware, it can change the design of the space. Along with the other simple lines in the kitchen, will be simpler minimal knobs and pulls.

Quartz will continue to be the preferred material & homeowners are in search of more character in their countertops. As they have improved the art of veining these tops, we will see more of these dramatically veined counters.

When space can be found, we expect to add large functional pantries to make the kitchen more efficient. Who doesn’t love a well-organized pantry?!

Of course, this has always been a trend with us as it is part of our Transition approach to design. With the upper cabinets gone, we can now enlarge that window providing more natural light + connection to the beautiful outdoors.

Who wants to bend down and reach to the back of a lower cabinet? No one! A new kitchen will bring the convenience of customized drawer organizers with pull-outs for pots + pans and other kitchen tools.

Your ceiling does not need to be boring. A little color on the ceiling can cast a glow and brighten the mood of the kitchen, especially when eliminated with sleek LED lights.

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