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Kitchen Remodeling Tips: 5 Things to Do Before Work Begins on Your New Kitchen

By |2018-10-31T03:35:52-07:00October 31st, 2018|CTA Consultation|

Renovating a kitchen is a huge project that requires proper planning. When it comes to making magic happen, there are a lot of variables to consider.  So, before you take a sledgehammer and start breaking down walls, it’s important to take a good look at your plan. Is it realistic? Do you have enough leeway

5 Important Things to Consider When Planning for a Home Addition

By |2018-10-17T10:13:56-07:00October 17th, 2018|CTA Consultation|

Maybe your family is welcoming a new member or an aging parent. Maybe you’ve grown tired of the small home you’re living in and want more room to breathe. Whatever reason it is, you have concluded that you need more space. But where do you start? From getting design ideas to figuring out a budget,

5 Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

By |2018-10-03T04:28:16-07:00October 3rd, 2018|CTA Consultation|

Creating a plan for a kitchen remodel can be stressful and overwhelming. Aside from figuring out exactly how you want your space to look, working around a budget, you must also make a lot of selections to create your masterpiece. How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen? An updated kitchen adds more value

Can a Home Addition Increase the Value of My Home?

By |2018-09-19T13:06:26-07:00September 19th, 2018|CTA Consultation|

For many homeowners, it’s practically second nature to think about the value home additions can bring to their property. Whether it’s in the form personal value or marketability, knowing just how much you’ll get back can help ease the anxiety that comes with spending copious amounts of cash on a kitchen extension or sunroom. But

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: Choosing the Right Sink

By |2018-09-05T11:45:25-07:00September 5th, 2018|CTA Consultation|

Most kitchen work involves the use of sinks; from prepping to the last washed pot. Sinks add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and, of course, are functional. So, for your kitchen remodeling plans make sure to find a sink that fulfills both practical and aesthetic needs.  What Kind of Sink Should I Install?

Seven Stylish Bathroom Remodel Considerations

By |2018-08-15T09:10:53-07:00August 15th, 2018|CTA Consultation|

A bathroom remodel comes second to a kitchen remodeling in adding value to your home. Aside from its economic thrust, it brings in a fresher look and ambience to your sanctuary. More so, it can be a great way to pamper yourself as you start the day or after a long day’s work. Start with

4 Simple Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Kitchen Remodel

By |2018-08-01T09:30:59-07:00August 1st, 2018|CTA Consultation|

Some homeowners think that preparing for a kitchen remodel simply refers to securing the new appliances, counters, cabinets, flooring, wall covers, and other construction supplies for the new kitchen. However, remodeling the kitchen basically renders it inaccessible and unusable for the duration of the project. Ergo, there are steps you need to take to make

Home Remodeling Tips: Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

By |2018-07-30T09:30:26-07:00July 30th, 2018|CTA Consultation|

In terms of kitchen design, a white-and-black color scheme and chrome appliances are practically de rigueur—but that doesn’t mean they’re the only options you have. Indeed, kitchen trends 2018 seem to be all about taking the practical and conventional and modifying them into something new and unusual. There are many, many features of 2018’s trendiest

Our Cabinet Shop

By |2018-07-24T06:38:57-07:00July 24th, 2018|CTA Consultation, The Business of Happy Homes Blog|

Whether in the kitchen bathroom or elsewhere, cabinets are a focal point of craftsmanship. This is why we maintain our own cabinet shop. To be totally honest, we are cabinet snobs. We demand 100% solid wood cabinets, built to exacting specifications, we use the very best hardware to ensure durability and functionality and we build each piece custom fit to its exact location

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

By |2018-07-16T09:30:34-07:00July 16th, 2018|CTA Consultation|

According to a study done in 2017, 45% of homeowners spent between $5,000 and $25,000 remodeling their kitchen. 26% spent between $25,000 and $50,000, and a good 21% spent more than $50,000. The prices are understandable, especially if you consider the fact that a good kitchen can raise a house’s market value considerably. However, the

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