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All of our projects at Stearns Design Build start with a free energy assessment.   We start with a large fan (pictured below) to depressurize the house. This allows us to identify where there are air leaks as air from the outside rushes in to replace the air that we blow out. We can feel where the air leaks are and, using artificial smoke, we can see where the leaks are as well.  Next, we use an infrared camera to identify voids in insulation, where insulation is too thin and where air conditioning ducts are leaking.  So why do we do this?

Because we love our clients. With an energy assessment, we are able to find the low hanging fruit in lowering utility bills. While we are happy to provide the recommended repairs, often they are easy for a homeowner with average do-it-yourself capabilities to do. Remodeling is a significant financial undertaking, when possible we want to show our clients how they can save money.

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Because we love our community. Part of the mission of Stearns Design Build is to raise the quality and value of residential building stock in the Brazos Valley.  Most homes in our area can achieve significant energy savings with relatively small investment. By providing this information we are work toward our goal of an improved building stock in the Brazos Valley.

Because we love our planet. Most energy that is used in buildings is from fossil fuels, which contribute to greenhouse gasses and raising global temperatures. In the Brazos Valley, much of our energy comes from burning coal, one of the dirtiest form of energy.  By reducing energy consumption, we are contributing to sustainability.

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