home builders in college station tx

Stearns Design Build has a big vision. As our tag line says, “we design and build happiness.” Specifically we do this within the context of the home. The home is the space that each person identifies as her/his own. It is not public. Home is where we go to find solace, familiarity, safety and hopefully happiness. At Stearns Design Build we think of ourselves as a home and happiness company. Today I am thinking about the home part of this equation. What are the essential elements of home for you? As a home company most people think that we deal with the structure of the home. While that is certainly true, we don’t wish to be contained by just that. We have created an articulation of design that emphasizes connection beyond the home to natural and community contexts. We know that these connections can help create happiness but what inside the home creates happiness? How do we best accentuate these elements in design?

This is pretty philosophical and esoteric but it can be brought into a more tangible context by thinking about the times and places in your home, or homes of your past, that make you the happiest. We have found that there is often a strong correlation between one’s childhood experiences with spaces and her/his adult concepts of spatial aesthetics. What were your favorite childhood spaces? Do they correlate to what you like in design as an adult?