Greene and Greene the Gamble House


If you were to ask me who my favorite Architect is, I would not hesitate to say that it is Greene and Greene.  While in fact this was two architects, they were brothers who worked together around the turn of the last century.  Their work largely defined the Arts and Crafts movement in America.  Their work has also been influential in informing our own design articulation that we call Transitions.

For a long time we at Stearns Design Build have taken advantage of the great web resource that is to help keep us trained, informed and abreast of any number of business related topics.  But I never expected to find an article on Greene and Greene there, but there it was.  This nice short article about these wonderful architects just might encourage you to delve into graphic design.

As a side note, many people consider Frank Lloyd Wright to be the greatest American architect of homes.  Not only do I think that Greene and Greene’s work was far Superior in almost every way, I don’t think that FLW was not a good architect.  He was an incredible sculpture of buildings, but he failed to create warm and inviting spaces for people to be in.  Greene and Greene perfected the art of warm and inviting.  You may want to explore one of their more famous creations.