As we try to create transitions beyond the interior space of the home, it is important to think beyond the walls. When thinking about landscape, start by thinking about the inside spaces that will look out onto it. Likewise when we design interior spaces it is important to start with the outside. This helps us create connection and think about transitions. If there is a feature such as an especially nice tree, pond or future rose garden, we want to make sure that we are taking advantage of the vista. Also, with interior design, it is a good idea to start with the outside. This pallet is so important but most often overlooked. Perhaps there is a shade of green from a tree or a particular flower that you know will be prevalent and you want to match. This sort of matching can help create a wonderful natural connection. But, of course, natural colors change throughout the seasons. And this natural shift of shades can also be captured in your interior design defining secondary and even tertiary colors.

Lines too are another great way to help draw the eye outside. A ridge or rafters that carry out onto a covered porch can help create this natural connection. Floor lines and colors can do the same thing. Be creative. Are there other, more organic lines that can be incorporated into your design with the fabrics, furniture or other forms? Plant milkweed outside a window and bring the colors of the monarch into the room and watch the magical kinetic energy that you can harvest for delight.