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The Hummingbirds have arrived!! I love the joy that I feel, and other people express, at seeing the first humming bird of the season.  I have been hearing a lot of first sightings over the last weeks, but the more observant have been seeing them for a little longer here in Bryan and College Station.  Here is a neat resource that tracks first sightings of the ruby throated hummingbirds.

Hummers are impressive for more than their diminutive size.  The patterns of their flight and especially their migration are fascinating.

Of course, all birds are fascinating.  Did you know that there has been recorder over 10,000 species of birds, over 300 of which can be found right here in the Brazos Valley?  Here is a great resource on birds of the Brazos Valley.

Are birds a part of your home design?  Maybe they should be.  It can be as easy as putting a bird feeder out and a bell on your cat.  But you might also want to consider becoming a bit more involved in your approach, considering the variety of birds you can enjoy from the kitchen window or the back patio.  And don’t restrict yourself to just seeing birds.  There are few things more enjoyable than sleeping with the windows open in springtime in Texas and being serenaded in the morning by a dulcet mocking bird.  Mocking birds like high perches at the edge of natural areas.  Do you have such a place near your bedroom window? Or maybe you are up before the mocking birds and will hear them better from the kitchen or a bathroom.  Think about the birds when designing your next home or remodeling project.