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For Black History Month, we wanted to dedicate a weekly blog to an influential African American individual in a field related to the environment and/or building science.
Sometimes championing a cause requires a unique approach, especially when reaching a younger audience. Such is the case with Ietef Vita, aka DJ Cavem (which stands for “Communicating Awareness Victoriously Educating the Masses”). He’s using hip-hop to spread the message of green, sustainable living.

Ietef’s goals are to see an increase of green jobs and vegetable gardens, beginning in his home town of Denver, and extending to communities everywhere. He raps at local schools and at a yearly local festival to teach young people about green living and to encourage them to be involved in improving their community. For those of us who don’t live in the Denver area, his hip-hop is available on albums for purchase.

Ietef attributes some of his inspiration to his family heritage. His mother helped to found GrowHaus, a nonprofit organization in the Denver area dedicated to improving residents’ access to healthy food.

Thanks Ietef for sharing your zeal for home-grown vegetables and sustainable thinking through your music, helping to inspire others!

For more information and to listen to one of Ietef’s songs, check out this article.

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