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In terms of kitchen design, a white-and-black color scheme and chrome appliances are practically de rigueur—but that doesn’t mean they’re the only options you have. Indeed, kitchen trends 2018 seem to be all about taking the practical and conventional and modifying them into something new and unusual. There are many, many features of 2018’s trendiest kitchens that don’t seem like they should work—but they do.

If you’re a homeowner who’s all about staying modern and up-to-date, here are three of 2018’s top kitchen trends.

White Isn’t Out Yet, But Darker Colors Might Have an Edge

Who doesn’t love an all-white kitchen? It’s clean, minimalist, and tastefully classy, and it looks great when decorated with pops of color—think jewel tones or soft pastel hues.

Recently, however, other colors have started making appearances in modern kitchens—and homeowners are loving it. Light and dark greys with matte finishes seem to be a solid second for top kitchen shades, with dark colors like black, navy, and forest green tying for a strong third.

But which color scheme is “best”?

It depends on what you want to achieve with your kitchen. As mentioned, an all-white kitchen can look clean and classy. Darker colors such as black can lend a modern, deeply luxurious atmosphere. And greys are perhaps the most versatile—perfect for pairing with accent decorations of any style and texture.

Marble Remains Elegant, But Quartz Is Closing In

Home Remodeling Tips: Top Kitchen Trends 2018Granite countertops remain popular but have given way to Quartz at the top of the popularity chart. High end granite with dramatic veining is still unbeatable in terms of its ability to create a unique and dazzling flare. Less popular now are the mid-range granites that are out done by quartz. Low-end granites continue to have a place for those more interested in marketing that a kitchen has granite than in the actual positive qualities that some granites provide.

Marble remains a choice for bakers. But due to maintenance and fragility it has never been a big favorite for our clients though among some more attuned to fashion than function, marble can provide a touch of elegance.

Solid surface material such as Corian peaked in the 1990 but, thanks to its durability, strength and elegance it is making somewhat of a comeback.

Wood countertops such as butcher block have always been popular with cooks. Though, seldom are they used throughout the kitchen. Increasingly, wood countertops are being used as a design element to add warmth to the kitchen.

Quartz continue to dominate the market due to their durability and cost. Thanks to improved design when it comes to natural looks such a veining and added design elements such as texturing we can count on quartz not losing ground for quite some time.

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Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have become a focal point for most modern kitchens. Rather than using them as merely extra countertop space, the current trend is to transform these centerpieces into multi-purpose, jack-of-all-trades units.

The kitchen islands of old were literally just blocks of extra countertop. Paired with trendy stools and some statement decorations, they did make quite an attractive—and functional—addition to the kitchen. However, they were little more than glorified tables.

Kitchen islands now are both fashionable and ultra-functional. They can be fitted with storage solution cabinets, cutlery drawers, and under-counter appliances like ovens and dishwashers to really save on kitchen space. Having such an island can eliminate the need for tacky overhead cabinets and standalone appliance units. In an open floor plan, kitchen islands can also be used to separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room without erecting walls or columns.

Other kitchen trends 2018 include matte and chrome finishes, smart appliances, and ceramic tile to replace laminate and vinyl flooring. As with previous years’ trends, there’s really no telling how long these trends will last. However, considering the fact that most of them seem to prioritize aesthetic functionality, they’re definitely worth investing in.

As always, our approach to design does not ignore trend but is much more focused on the client’s personality. Trends are market driven and change seasonally. Your personality is relatively constant and connects you to your home.  We believe in Mr. Plumbean.