Home inspection for College Station, Texas to be done regularly and before home remodeling.

 Home inspection for College Station, Texas to be done regularly and before home remodeling.

We recommend that you check the envelope of your house at least twice a year or before starting any home remodeling projects. The envelope includes all your home’s exterior surfaces. Failure in the envelope can lead to big costs so it is a good idea to be very comprehensive and methodical in your check. It is also important to keep your specific climate in mind. Please use this inspection checklist if your home is in a climate similar to College Station and Bryan, Texas, but much of this is relevant to all environments.


  •        No places where water can pool.
  •        No vegetation is touching the house or can touch it in a high wind.
  •        Soil is below floor level (we recommend 10” or more of foundation slab showing).
  •        No large cracks in foundation or brick veneer.
  •        No signs of animal access, birds’ nests, or mud daubers.
  •        Gutters and downspouts are free of debris and are free flowing.
  •        Gutters and downspouts are attached securely and are not crushed.
  •        Downspouts direct water away from the house in a logical manner.
  •        Window screens are in good shape and are secured well.
  •        Doors and windows are properly caulked, operable, and have no breaks in the glass.
  •        Weather stripping is intact and tight.
  •        No flaking, cracking, or peeling paint.
  •        No mold is growing.
  •        Spigots are all easily operable.
  •        Wires and cables are all secure and neat.
  •        No loose or damaged siding or trim.
  •        No rot in siding or trim.
  •        Ridge, gable and soffit vents unbent and open.
  •        Turbines turn quietly.
  •        No debris on the roof.
  •        No loose or missing shingles.


  •        Attic access is safe and secure.
  •        Attic access in conditioned space is insulated and seals tightly.
  •        Light is working.
  •        No crushed or leaking ductwork (best to run the fan and use your hand to feel for leaks.)
  •        No signs of water on rafters, underside of roof decking or insulation.
  •        Drain pans for air conditioning and water heater drain water (pour water in them to test).
  •        No voids or matting in insulation.
  •        Insulation is not blocking airways from soffit.
  •        No signs of animal access.
  •        Vents are unblocked.
  •        No venting into the attic from bathroom, kitchen stove hood, or heater vents.