This is something that most people ignore until a hose breaks… when they are gone on vacation.  We have seen some horrific floods caused in this way.  Of course when you are leaving for any period of time, it is a good idea to shut the water to the washing machine off.  When inspecting the hoses, turn the valves off and pull the washing machine away from the wall.  Hold the drain line up so that it does not leak. Look at the floor for signs of leaking.  Check hoses for flexibility and corrosion on the fittings.  We recommend changing hoses every 3-5 years.  It is a good idea to hang a tag on one of the hoses indicating the date that it was last changed.  We also recommend high-pressure stainless steel hoses. Don’t forget to check the drain hose as well.  These hoses are thicker and usually last a little longer.  Don’t forget to sweep and mop under the washing machine before pushing it back and connecting it.