Creating a Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Have you thought about adding a small herb garden to your kitchen? This can be an easy way to add live plants to your green kitchen design, bringing in function, uniqueness, and wonderful aromas. You’ll need a spot for these herbs, preferably a sunny one. If there’s room on a windowsill, place your potted herbs there. One way to increase sill space around your kitchen is to add a taller, shallow cabinet behind your 24” deep base cabinetry that aligns with the height of your windowsill and runs along an entire wall of your kitchen.

You could also have a more vertical arrangement of your herbs, placing them on shelves alongside or close to a window. These can be part of your kitchen cabinetry or free mounted shelves. You can also add areas for drying your herbs!

The containers you choose add personality to your herb garden. Try to plant your herbs in recycled containers, like large cans or jars. Check out this photo gallery for some whimsical planting containers. Make sure you know the needs of the herbs you are growing so containers are the appropriate size and shape. Also be sure to think about drainage for your herbs with a layer of pebbles or terra cotta chips in the bottom of each container. Each herb also doesn’t need its own container. Some herbs are taller, some more like ground cover – mixing these herbs together utilizes all of your potting space.

There are lots of herbs you can plant (basil, oregano, mint, parsley, thyme, dill, etc.). Choose herbs that you frequently use when you cook! But don’t be afraid to try something new—you might find your new favorite herb for seasoning.