Brightening Up Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is dark, cramped, and closed off, it’s probably not a kitchen you enjoy being in. The smart placement of windows can transform your kitchen by bringing in daylight, connecting the space to the outdoors, and creating an overall feeling of openness. Here are some different window arrangements that can improve the character of your kitchen.

  1. Increase the height of your windows, stretching them from countertop height to the ceiling. This not only allows more light into the space, but also creates less of a barrier between your kitchen and the outdoors.
  2. Devote an entire wall to windows, increasing the feeling of flow between your kitchen and the outdoors. These can be windows of any size. A good place for you window-wall might be in the informal eat-in area of your kitchen so as not to sacrifice cabinet space. But keep in mind that wall cabinet space can be gained back in other ways if you feel like a wall of windows is the best idea for your kitchen.
  3. Creating a corner window in your kitchen is another good way to increase the feeling of connection to the outdoors. Corners can be awkward places in a kitchen when it comes to storage and cabinetry. By replacing awkward storage with windows, you can turn your corner into a cheery spot.
  4. If you have a small kitchen, placing a window adjacent to a perpendicular surface (like a wall or cabinetry) can really brighten up the room. Light entering from the window will bounce off the wall or cabinetry into the rest of the space which will feel much less cramped.
  5. Flanking windows with cabinetry, shelves, and/or soffits creates more surfaces for light to be reflected and directed into your kitchen. It’s also a great way to maximize storage space in your kitchen.

When you see a picture of a kitchen in a magazine or online that you love, take note of how windows are arranged in the space to bring in the outdoors. These arrangements can be utilized when remodeling your kitchen or designing a new one to create the bright, cheery, open kitchen of your dreams.

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