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During these uncertain and challenging times, we’ve been thinking of creative + functional ways to serve you. We have decided to make planter boxes for all of your gardening needs + seeds. 

During both World Wars, the government educated people on how to garden, from tilling soil and sowing seeds to harvesting and preserving crops, so that they could feed their communities and support the troops. This led to victory gardens, which are also referred to as war gardens.

Many feel that we’re at this point again- where food supply, food scarcity, and general anxiety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

We, as citizens can do something for ourselves and be a part of a larger effort to get through this difficult time. We can be more self-sufficient as a nation and help reverse climate change by rehabilitating soil health and increasing biodiversity.

We are all cooped up at home, unable to continue our regular activities for the foreseeable future. The grocery stores are having a hard time keeping up with regular produce so why not grow our own? In addition to supplying your household with fresh produce, gardening can relieve some of the stress of feeling stuck at home.

At Stearns Design Build, we strongly believe in the benefits of spending time in nature. The results are astounding: lowering stress, reducing blood pressure and heart rate and feeling better emotionally. Gardening can be great exercise as well, especially with those unable to go to the gym. Gardening is a fun family activity! It teaches children responsibility, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and can be a wonderful family bonding experience.

The planter box prices + sizes are below. This includes the planter box and delivery. 

Now lettuce go gardening! The thyme is now.