Kitchen remodel in Bryan / College Station, by Stearns Design Build. It features old and new appliances.

Kitchen remodel in Bryan / College Station, by Stearns Design Build. It features old and new appliances.

Once again, here’s the breakdown of average annual energy use in a home: 29% Heating

17% Cooling

14% Water Heating

13% Appliances

12% Lighting

4% Electronics

11% Other (external power adapters, telephones, set up boxes, ceiling fans, vent fans, home audio, ovens, microwaves, small appliances etc. Basically all the little things plugged in around your home)

How can you affect that 13% of Appliance energy use?

Tip # 3 Savvy Appliance Use: Upgrading your appliances to energy efficient models is of course the most ideal thing to do. Energy Star labels and CEE tiers (this is the Consortium for Energy Efficiency certification with III being the most efficient) can help guide your choices. But if new purchases aren’t in your budget for the time being, the careful and conscious use of your appliances can help you reduce your energy use and save you money.

  • Use cold water for a majority of your laundry loads (which reduces the energy needed for heating water). Also make sure that you select the appropriate size load for a sufficient but not excess water level.
  • Although wrinkle free settings on dryers are seemingly smart ideas, they cause the dryer to continually turn on/off if you don’t remove your laundry after the cycle ends. Turn these settings off to avoid this energy waste.
  • Only wash full loads in your dishwasher and choose an economy setting if it’s available. Turn off the heated dry on the dishwasher and let your dishes air dry. Your dishes may take a little longer to dry, but it saves.
  • During the summer, try to stick to countertop appliances (crock pots, griddles, etc) to do your cooking instead of ovens. These use less electricity and also produce less heat that you’re a/c has to counter balance.
  • Remember not to leave your refrigerator door open while you’re doing other things. Also, opening your freezer just to cool yourself off isn’t a very energy conscious habit. (I only mention this because I’m guilty of doing this in the past! Maybe some of you can sympathize).

We hope you found this tip and accompanying suggestions helpful. Don’t forget to read our blog tomorrow for tips about water heating and water use!