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There are many advantages to standing seam metal roofs, which is why we recommend them to our clients for most home projects.

Traditional composite roofs absorb a lot of heat much of which gets transferred into the home. Light metal roofs do a great job of reflecting radiation. They also do not hold heat. These features make metal roofs especially appropriate for homes located in hot climates.

Metal roofs also lasts about two to three times longer than conventional roofs.

Another thing that we like about standing seam metal roofs is that most profiles accept a clip to provide connection for solar panels and to water systems without penetrating the roof.

Metal roofs can also be attached to lathing or a series of narrow strips of wood, used with other strips to form latticework to create a support for many types of roofing material thus allowing for increased ventilation under them, providing even more cooling.

Not everyone likes the look of metal roofs but for most home styles we think they work very well. And they have a broad popularity in the design community.

The primary drawback is that metal roofs cost more than traditional roofs do. But when considered over their entire life, they are a bargain. The value of metal roofs is well recognized in home appraisals, which means that their life long value will be considered when your home is put on the market.

To view an example of a metal roof on one of our very own Stearns Design-Build homes, check out our beautiful bright yellow custom built house soon to be completed on our Houzz site.