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our team

We have a tradition at Stearns Design Build called the “Way To Go”, which is recognition for a team member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. In fact this is a tradition that I have a hard time following. That is not for a lack of great effort on the part of our team. To the contrary, it is because of the difficulty in narrowing the list. It is for this reason (and personality type) the I generally procrastinate, which is what I did recently. So, I ended up giving out two “Way To Goes”at one time. These went to Joe, our cabinet-maker and Eleazar, our painter and resident artist, for their efforts in developing our Home Show booth.
Joe built two really fine pieces of furniture that were in the booth and are now used in our office. His craftsmanship is always stellar.

Eleazar did all of the lettering on the booth by hand!

Both of these guys worked long and diligently to ensure that we had the most attractive booth at the home show.