For those who have storm damage, we would like to issue a few warnings:

  1. The goal of insurance companies is to make a profit, which they do by limiting the amount they pay out in claims. They usually say “no” first. Unless you are a very good existing client or family member, we will not take insurance work because, in our experience, most insurance companies are unscrupulous. We are honest and life is too short to deal with companies who, in our opinion, tend not to be.
  2. In our experience, companies who do a lot of insurance claims work for the benefit of the insurance companies more than for you. There is an undeniable conflict of interest if a home repair company is recommended by an insurance company.
  3. If your home was hit by a tornado or very high winds, you probably have structural damage that is very easy to overlook. Chances are your roof was lifted up and loosened from the rest of the house; even if it did not come off. This is not always easy to recognize but needs to be repaired. If you are in doubt, hire a structural engineer.
  4. Most materials that have gotten wet need to be replaced due to mold. This includes but is not limited to insulation, drywall and carpet. If the insurance company is encouraging you to keep these things, request a mold test when the work is completed.
  5. If there was a lift on the roof (see #3) or if you had significant roof leakage, your AC ducts may need to be replaced. If the insurance company does not allow this, request a duct test and a mold test of the ducts.
  6. If you have any questions, we will offer free phone consultations for the next two weeks. Please call our office at 979-696-0524.