We recommend gutter cleaning twice a year if you have trees near your house, once a year if not.  While we recommend gutters on most roof eves, the fact is that poorly maintained gutters cause more damage than not having any gutters.  Luckily if you keep up with gutter maintenance it is usually not a big chore. Gutter maintenance should be done by someone who is fairly nimble and comfortable on a ladder. If you have live oak trees it is a good idea to wait until late in the spring to clean gutters as they shed their leaves in spring time. In most cases the spray from a typical garden hose spray nozzle will provide enough force to easily clear debris from gutters.  Work toward the downspout washing leaves and other debris along as you go.  If the debris builds up and is difficult for the spray to move it, remove the debris by hand, tossing it into a bucket ready for the compost or to use as mulch around trees or other plants.

Unless you do not have trees near your house, it is a good idea to have leaf guards on your gutters.  This will reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutter.  Good leaf guards should be easy to work with when cleaning the gutter.

Don’t forget to clear the downspout.  Make sure that water easily runs through the downspout with no obstruction.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the water does not collect near the house.  This can cause foundation problems and create a place for mosquitoes to breed.

While you are cleaning your gutters it is a good idea to check the fascia behind the gutter and the eves for rot and failing paint.  Also check that your gutters are secure.  A loose gutter can be an indication of rot behind it.

Gutter cleaning is a home maintenance chore that many will want to tackle themselves, but if you are uncomfortable on a ladder or would just rather let someone else take care of this, please call us. We so often see rot requiring expensive repairs that could have been avoided with a little regular maintenance.