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Relationships for Your Home

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There are tons of good relationships to make in College Station. We'd be happy to help start some! Professional relationships are important. Most of us have a doctor that we trust. There are relationships that are important for your home as well. At Stearns Design Build we are committed to maintaining long term relationships

Home Envelope Inspection Checklist

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 Home inspection for College Station, Texas to be done regularly and before home remodeling. We recommend that you check the envelope of your house at least twice a year or before starting any home remodeling projects. The envelope includes all your home’s exterior surfaces. Failure in the envelope can lead to big costs

The Dangers of Heating Elements

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Image credit: Recently, Remodeling Magazine wrote a piece on how to build a drawer with a built in plug so that hair dryers could stay plugged in.  They received a storm of responses from good contractors letting them know how unsafe it is to leave appliances with heating elements plugged in.  Here


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For those who have storm damage, we would like to issue a few warnings:The goal of insurance companies is to make a profit, which they do by limiting the amount they pay out in claims. They usually say "no" first. Unless you are a very good existing client or family member, we will not take

Pruning Bushes and Trees

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As a general practice, we do not include yard work in our maintenance list but this is one that impacts the health and durability of your house. Tree branches rubbing or falling on the house can do a tree-mendous amount of damage. Vines growing on the house can also do damage. It is a good idea to do this chore early in February before spring starts to set in but once the worst of winter has passed.

Clean half the closets in your house

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Divide the house either front and back or left and right and clean half the closets. Pulling everything out of a closet will not only help keep things from piling up over the years, it will also help give you a chance to preform an inspection of the walls, floors and ceiling in the closet. Leaks frequently go undetected for a long time because the leak occurred in the back of a cluttered closet and no one knew.

Check washing machine hoses

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This is something that most people ignore until a hose breaks… when they are gone on vacation. We have seen some horrific floods caused in this way. Of course when you are leaving for any period of time, it is a good idea to shut the water to the washing machine off. When inspecting the hoses, turn the valves off and pull the washing machine away from the wall.

Changing AC filters

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It is our recommendation that you change AC filters once a month when you are leaving your system on all the time, so you will see this task on our list for most, but not all, months. Changing out the AC filters will extend the life of your system, allow it to operate more efficiently, and even help keep the house clean.

Therapeutic Landscape Network

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Naomi Sacks, who runs the Therapeutic Landscape Network. She is currently working on a PhD in Architecture here at TAMU. But her accomplishments exceed that of many who have long had such academic di...stinction. Her book, Therapeutic Landscapes: An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces, is available on Amazon. Though Naomi's focus is on landscape design in institutional settings, I look forward to learning as much as I can about her approach and applying it to the residential setting.

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