Aging in Place

Aging in Place

Seniors are staying in their homes longer, otherwise known as aging in place. This is significantly affecting their quality of life, all while dealing with financial issues. 

Being at home allows seniors a higher level of independence, while also reducing the stress of individuals having to relocate. As you can imagine, a sense of connection to personal space becomes heightened as we all age. 

According to Census Bureau projections, the number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060. This, along with a nursing shortage, is causing the assisted living options to increase in price. Staying at home is just one way that seniors are alleviating their living costs.   

We would like to introduce Stearns Home Care, a subsidiary of Stearns Design Build, now provides an annual subscription service that provides regular home maintenance, concurrently allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer. Simultaneously, the service is also available to those who prefer not to do home maintenance themselves or simply don’t have the time.

Owner Hugh Stearns, said, “Over the years, we have noticed that many people move out of their family home and into assisted living because they can no longer maintain the home. This does not need to happen. Helping seniors stay in their home longer falls directly within our mission of providing quality of life in the home and providing environmentally friendly solutions.”

Stearns Home Care service includes a multitude of things such as cleaning gutters, maintaining fixtures and appliances, changing light bulbs and batteries, and checking and repairing weather stripping. A full spectrum of service is provided over six visits annually.

General manager Ben Herrington said, “It is incredibly gratifying to know that we are helping seniors stay in their homes longer. Each person and each home has its own set of stories.”

In addition to the maintenance service, Stearns Home Care is also available to provide aging in place modifications such as ramps and grab bar installation.

Stearns said, “While this service was created to assist people who want to stay in their family home as long as possible, it is also popular with busy people who want their home maintained but don’t have the time or desire to do what it takes. We find that the typical homeowner does only a small amount of the maintenance necessary to maintain a home’s full value and often a lack of maintenance leads to costly repairs and shortened durability.” 

Beautiful Bathroom Remodel in Bryan, Texas

Beautiful Bathroom Remodel in Bryan, Texas

Before the remodel, this bathroom was not functional at all! It was a large space that felt very crowded, so our intention was to increase the size and maximize the space. 

Everything in this bathroom was cramped together and let’s not forget the awful phonebooth shower. (fingers crossed phonebooth showers stay in the past!)  Collectively, we set out to re-envision a bathroom that is functional and relaxing.  

In most cases, it’s difficult to accomplish everything on your wish list. By splitting up the double sinks and putting the shower in between the two, it made maneuvering around this bathroom much easier.  Before this bathroom had a ton of wasted space and while it was a challenge; we were thrilled with the final design and outcome.

Stunning Kitchen Renovation in Bryan, Texas.

Stunning Kitchen Renovation in Bryan, Texas.

What do you do when you move into a home that has a cozy kitchen that absolutely has nothing to do with your style and was designed for the previous owner? Well, you tear it out and make it your own.

This kitchen went from a farm-style to an Italian-style kitchen. Plenty of storage and an efficient work area.

Additionally, the island allows company in the kitchen, without getting in the way of the chef.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

There are so many great reasons to remodel your bathroom! 

1) Increase the value of your home

2) Improve energy efficiency 

3) Enhance aesthetics and so much more! 

For this bathroom and client, the reasons were twofold and of tremendous importance. What if you have a bathtub and shower that you can’t get in and out of? 

Our solution was ripping them both out and creating a wet area with a roll-in shower and walk-in bathtub. We placed a slip-resistant tile between the two, to prevent any falls. 

Now, the bathtub is equipped with a large heated seat with mounted grab bars for safe entry and exit out of the tub. Remodeling this space allowed the creation of a safe haven for our client and of course, a cozy and welcoming space to relax. 

Blue-tiful Kitchen

Blue-tiful Kitchen

“Stearns did an excellent job and our kitchen turned out better than I could have dreamed. We had been overwhelmed by all the potential choices before we engaged Stearns, and we found their design services to be hugely helpful. I was especially impressed by their professionalism. They told us exactly what everything would cost and when things would be done, and they stuck to those promises. They kept us updated every day on what was going on and when to expect workers. A day rarely passed when progress wasn’t made on the project. They were absolute sticklers on quality and at times made their subcontractors come back and redo things they weren’t satisfied with. A great experience. “

This cozy kitchen is a nice gathering point for entertaining guests and family. Unfortunately, despite being open to a large vaulted ceiling family room, it was isolated from that large space. It was divided to the rest of the house due to a wall blocking the view.

We found that the solution for this is opening the kitchen up onto that room without compromising it’s function. Adding a glass door into the laundry room provides more light to the back of the kitchen. A touch of color with the blue cabinets makes this kitchen pop from the rest of the house, while still complementing the existing color palette.