Seven Stylish Bathroom Remodel Considerations

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A bathroom remodel comes second to a kitchen remodeling in adding value to your home. Aside from its economic thrust, it brings in a fresher look and ambience to your sanctuary. More so, it can be a great way to pamper yourself as you start the day or after a long day’s work. Start with

Roll-In Shower Remodel

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There are many options when considering an ADA size specific, roll-in shower remodel. Although the primary need may be for wheelchair accessibility, a roll-in shower can also provide style and beauty to any bathroom. As you can see, the aesthetic flow of the bathroom was not interrupted by converting the existing shower into one that is

Smart Choices for Bathroom Flooring

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Tile may be the traditional bathroom choice for most, but it’s not the only flooring type that performs well in a wet environment. Like any other flooring, bathroom flooring should be chosen with style, durability, and comfort in mind. A bathroom floor must be able to handle moisture and humidity from daily use and the appearance of sudden leaks.

Tile Layout

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 Tile is a finish that many homeowners are willing to tackle on their own as a remodel project.  While getting tile down is not difficult, a quality tile job requires a lot of attention to detail and a fair amount of finesse.  Most of our clients who have laid tile in the past are happy


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CONCRETE  SLABSYou have a layout of your tile project on paper now it is time to prepare the surface to receive the tile.CLEANINGIf you are setting tile to a concrete slab, you will want to make sure that the surface is clean and dust free. In new construction concrete is seldom covered to protect it

Counter Tops 101

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Counter tops are the crown of the kitchen not only because they are one of the most pronounced design elements, but also because they are in constant use. In the 1950’s your choices for counter tops were laminate or tile.  Now there are a myriad of additional countertop options.Laminate and TileThough the old standbys are

Recent Project: Master Bathroom Remodel

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We're excited to share some pictures of this recently completed project! We've coupled the photos of the finished bathroom with before pictures so you can see the transformation. Our client's choice of oil-rubbed bronze fixtures really set the tone for their new bathroom. And boy, were they ready to say good-bye to their old carpeting

Current Projects: Bathroom Vanity

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We are in the beginning stages of three bathroom remodels at the Lewis home. Joe has been hard at work building new vanities for the hall bath and the master bath, and they look great! The picture below shows the master bath vanity. Due to the space constraints in this bathroom, a majority of the

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