Because your home is your family’s sanctuary, finding the right remodeler is almost as important as finding the right family doctor. We might be the right company to provide care for your home. Here are five key reasons why our clients have chosen us.


1. Project Management

  • Clean projects with a focus on dust control.
  • Strict adherence to project schedules
  • All participants well-coordinated for a project that flows smoothly
  • Use of Gantt charts and collaborative software.

2. Reputation

  • Aggie owned
  • 25 years in business
  • Viewable third-party reviews sent to all our clients.
  • Customer service award winner
  • Big Fifty (national award given to topflight remodelers from the United States and Canada)
  • Guild Master awards for customer service
  • Newman Ten winner

3. Construction Knowledge

  • Quality of Craftsmanship
  • Deep knowledge of Building Science
  • Deep knowledge of green building and energy efficiency?
  • Highly skilled in project management

4. Design

  • We have a unique articulation of design focused on creating spaces that create health and happiness. This is the transitions theory of design.
  • Remodeling design that respects the character of the existing home.
  • Remodeling design to the specific lifestyle and character of our clients.

5. Communication

  • A spelled-out pattern of detailed communication.
  • Weekly updates in design and daily updates during construction.
  • Clearly written scopes of work and specifications
  • Clear process for changes along the way

6. Value

  • We understand that remodeling value is a unique equation for every client. We seek to understand the variables that are most important to our clients for their remodeling projects.
  • We are a good choice for those who include elements of quality, durability and efficiency in their equation for remodeling value.