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At Stearns Design Build, we are big fans of siding; well some siding. One of the reasons that we like siding so much is because it is a big part of our vernacular architecture in Central Texas.  Another reason that we like it is because of the problems with its alternatives; brick or stone.  While those materials can be beautiful, they are a thermal mass acting as a big solar collector adding heat to our homes in the summer. It is unfortunate that so many neighborhoods require a majority of brick and stone.

Like most building techniques, the details are essential to a good siding application, and, more often than not in new construction, corners are cut.  When siding is replaced there are ample opportunities to do the job right and make a difference in the performance of the home.  In this series we will review our two primary siding details explaining the pros and cons of each.

In the Typical Siding Profile  we will detail the least expensive application.

In the Rainscreen Profile  we will detail how we provide a rainscreen behind the siding.

While the typical profile may be the least expensive to install, it is not necessarily that best value as the otherapplication works to increase energy efficiency and durability.

Image Courtesy of James Hardie  Alliance