our core


stearns design build has four core values: quality, caring,

honesty and relationship.


We differentiate ourselves to the degree that we provide quality. Through all of these values, we seek to provide quality in everything we do. This includes quality of life.


Caring is a large part of what drives connection in life. We connect to things that we care about. This can be family, design, clients, building science or almost anything else. Indifference is uninteresting and disconnected. A culture can help encourage and sustain caring. 


We seek a common, well defined and high standard of honesty. To achieve this we view honesty as much a verb as a noun. It is something that we do and something that we are. We have a culture of actively engaged honesty because this is what it takes to avoid even the unintentional miscommunication that can damage trust.


We build relationships on many levels. We seek to form lasting relationships with our clients, our employees and other stakeholders as well as our community. Our approach to design, which calls Transition, is focused on creating a relationship beyond the building into the natural and community environments. We know from replicated studies that people who have these connections are happier than those who do not. It is this idea that gives rise to our tagline: “We Design and Build Happiness”.

I really thought that they were committed to doing a very good job and that was really important to me. I thought they also had integrity, those are unusual qualities in anybody in any firm. I was really impressed.

— Guild Quality Review