There are tons of good relationships to make in College Station. We'd be happy to help start some!

There are tons of good relationships to make in College Station. We’d be happy to help start some!

Professional relationships are important. Most of us have a doctor that we trust. There are relationships that are important for your home as well.
At Stearns Design Build we are committed to maintaining long term relationships with our clients. That is why, once we have done a remodeling project for a family, we make ourselves available to do small jobs for them.  That is a service that we only extend to our existing client base because we think that it is important to have a building professional in your corner. It is also why we work to make the Happy Homes Newsletter as informational as possible and why we write blog posts.
Another relationship that is a good idea to maintain for your home is with a realtor. These folks are a world of knowledge. Likely, your home is your biggest investment. That is why you need a relationship with a contractor. It is also why it is wise to maintain a relationship with a realtor. They know about the market for your home investment. While we will work to help you age in place and stay happy in your home, we know that eventually you will sell your house. Your relator can help guide you to wise investment decisions. Most people wait until they are in a hurry to sell a home to develop this relationship.  That is like cramming for an exam. It is better than doing nothing, but it is not the best approach.
If you had a good experience when you bought your home, make a point to refer your friends to that realtor. Periodically invite your realtor friend over for coffee to advise you on investments you might be considering for your home such as a remodeled kitchen or bathroom.   If you don’t currently have a realtor friend, ask around to get recommendations. Realtors do not make money from these kinds of visits, so be sure that they know you are recommending them to friends.  We are fortunate to have a great community of realtors in College Station and Bryan.
Note: Realtors often have a different perspective than a remodeling professional does. Our goal is to make sure that your home makes you happy. Your realtor will help make sure that you get as much return on your home investment as possible. But, just as a good contractor understands the need to protect an investment, most realtor understand the importance a home plays in creating happiness for a family. Getting well balanced advice on your largest investment is just the smart thing to do.