When someone says quality, what do you think about? For some it is a finely crafted pair of shoes, for others it is a well-engineered car, still others will think of an Ivey League education and good manners. Clearly this is a word that can go a lot of places. How do you make the concept of quality meaningful in your life? Perhaps the most important place we can apply the concept of quality is in our relationships. And of those, none is more important than that of parent and child. There is no place where we can bring more quality to the world than through our work as parents because in this we create quality people. And, because it takes a village to raise a child, we are all parents.

The home is the center of parenting, of nurturing, not just children, but everyone who enters there. This is where we model our concept of quality. Each home is as unique as the people who occupy it. A home absent the people in it is only a house. What is the quality in your home? Is it the quality of food prepared? Is it the art exhibited? Is it the warmth and love expressed? As a design build company specializing in remodeling, we hope that your idea of quality in your home includes quality of design and craftsmanship. Whatever your concept of quality, it is good to occasionally paused and take inventory of what that means to you.

That is what we at Stearns Design Build are doing. Each quarter we focus on one of our four core values: quality, caring, relationship and honesty. This quarter our focus is quality. We seek to make quality pervasive in what we do. Quality craftsmanship is essential, as is quality design, customer service and so much more. One aspect of quality that often gets overlooked is quality of life. Our tag line is “we design and build happiness.” This is our purpose and it is about quality of life.