What are your New Years resolutions for your home? Is there a bathroom or a kitchen you are ready to remodel?  Maybe things are tight and you will not be able to do anything major this year. You can alwaysstart planning so that you have things are in order when you are ready.  Even if it is something very small, it is a good time to bring the spirit of new and fresh to your home. There is probably some closet or corner that you have been hoping to  organize, a wall that needs a fresh coat of paint or a chair that could use a new cushion.  Start the year with a little  focus on the home and it will help create comfort and emotional centering that can last all year long. At my house we are looking forward to a complete redesign of our vegetable garden and I hope to finally  get around to installing a standing seam metal roof.  Don’t let the resolutions for your home go unfulfilled.  Let us know if we can help.