Here we are, finally beginning a new year. 

The beginning of our new decade did not go according to plan. 

Let’s be honest – 2020 was rough. With all the challenges that happened last year, I think we can all agree and appreciate two things:

There are better times ahead in the New Year and we appreciate our homes more than ever before. 

There’s a newfound appreciation across the board- that our homes should reflect, embrace, and connect who we are as individuals and as families. 

We’ve returned to our love for nature, old hobbies we forgot about, and the place we call home. Additionally, all of our canceled vacations have allowed many of us to begin investing within our own four walls, transforming our homes into a more inspiring place to live, work, and play.

With this appreciation + new year, NOW is the time to reimagine your space and make it your own. So many of us make resolutions to change or adjust our habits and most importantly, re-envision the goals and dreams that we’d like to accomplish in this new year. 

But, how often do we sit down and make resolutions for our homes?

Is your working from home becoming a permanent situation? 

What if your home was the most organized and productive space it’s ever been in this new year? 

For example, after cooking at home more often in 2020, have you realized that your kitchen is not the most functional space?

 Do you have a storage issue that leaves your house feeling cluttered and messy all the time? 

Is your bathroom outdated or a potential safety hazard?

Perhaps you’ve left these “to do’s”  on the back burner; due to a multitude of things- busy lives, budget constraints, kids homeschooling,  etc. 

For many, we believe that this past year has highlighted the things we love and the things we’d love to change about our homes.

You can begin by making a list of spaces in your home that you’re most unhappy with or that could benefit from adjustment or change.

At Stearns Design Build, we are all about happiness. Our purpose is to design & build happiness, which is our tagline. 

For us, this is a well-studied pursuit with the science behind it. We use our building knowledge to help your home to become your happy place.

These days, this idea has never felt more relevant.

If you aren’t ready to make any major adjustments to your home, there are some inexpensive + easy adjustments that you can do right away to make your home feel better than it already does. 

Now, imagine how you and your family will feel when you start taking tiny steps to change the current spaces in your home and the pleasure + joy it will bring.

Try your best not to think too much into numbers + budget at this stage. The minute you begin envisioning and imagining your dream space; your creative juices will begin flowing. When you look at the world through creative eyes, whether it’s your home or other dreams and goals,  it invites in the potential transformation that you will experience. 

Doing this kind of dreaming will guide you in your decisions and goals for the year and throughout the next decade!

Did you know that all of our remodeling projects start with an energy assessment? 

Not only do we want to ensure that our company is a leader in the best practices of green building, but also we want to increase the return on investment of your home.

We’d love to sit down with you and hear about your goals, dreams, and the transformation you envision. Are you ready? Is this the year for you to begin the creation of your dream home?

Call us or sign up online today for a free consultation! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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