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New Division Provides Essential Help for Your Home

College Station, TX (June 15, 2015) “Like the skin on your body, the exterior of your home is a vital organ for the health of the structure and those in it,” says Hugh Stearns, owner of Stearns Design Build; a College Station based remodeling and custom home builder.  The company has announced the launch of a new exteriors division that will handle siding, windows, doors, decks and patios.

While Stearns Design Build was founded in 1993, and has always done projects that include these elements, the new division provides crews and processes dedicated exclusively to the exterior of the home. “This is important to two key aspects of our overall mission,” says Stearns. “It addresses both form and function.  Our Transitions design concept identifies the outside of the home as an important environment that we feel is too frequently ignored. And, as students of building science, we know the importance of the outside of a home for energy efficiency, durability and health; not just of the home but also those in it.”

Stearns Design Build has developed their own design concept called Transitions.  The focus is to create both visual and physical transition into inviting outdoor spaces.  In college, Stearns studied psychology and learned that people who are in tune with the natural world, such as what time the sun rises and sets and what phase the moon is in, consistently report a higher level of happiness than those who do not have that connection.  The company’s tag line is “we design and build happiness,” which they believe they can do partly by creating connections to nature and the community.

Outdoor rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Stearns Design Build has always made inviting outdoor spaces such as decks, patios and screened porches a part of their projects. Stearns said, “not only does this invite people outside, it also provides low cost, high quality of life space for relaxing and entertaining.”

Stearns explains that replacing siding, doors and windows is much more than an aesthetic upgrade; it is also an opportunity to provide improved air, moisture and sound sealing, as well as improve  insulation.  “With both remodeling and new construction, we are very focused on what we can do to lower utility costs and increase comfort because this is the best way to maximize return on investment.”

Stearns Design Build is the Brazos Valley’s first green builder. Their exteriors division will continue to focus on their core values of stewardship and energy conservation. For more information Stearns Design Build can be reached at (979) 696-0524 or visit www.stearnsdesignbuild.com