Were excited about another successful remodel in college station, and a happy client!

Were excited about another successful remodel in college station, and a happy client!

Everyone loves getting love letters.  We are no exception.  In fact, we are in the process of updating some marketing material in which we will use some of this material.  So when Jan Pfannstiel made a nice comment in an email,  I asked her if we could quote her.  Following is her response.

Hi Hugh,

You absolutely may use our comments. Here is a more comprehensive list of what you guys have done well. Use what you like.

We were very careful when we decided to replace the siding on our house. We received quotes from several reputable contractors in the BSC area. We choose Stearns because they gave us the most comprehensive information. They were also the highest bid—but not because they had inflated prices, rather because they were intent on doing the job right. Other contractors wanted to slap siding on top of what was already there. We knew that was not the best way to or correct way to do the job. And they presented opportunities to go green. We never felt as though they were trying to push any products or upscale the job for profit. They just provided us with all available alternatives and let us choose what works best for us.

They also kept us informed throughout the entire process. We knew when to expect them to be working. If they encountered other unforeseen problems along the way, they kept us informed and we discussed the best solution for our needs. We had pets that had to be relocated to areas of the house where they were not working. Each day they let us know what to expect. We had garden beds with plants that could not easily be relocated. They worked carefully to ensure the plants were preserved.

Most impressive was how clean they kept the work area. Any materials they used were kept together and they never left any trash around our house. Everyone we talked with was polite, responsive, courteous and respectful. They answered all our questions.

Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Jan and David Pfannstiel

We are blushing.  Aw-shucks.   It is especially nice to get such nice comments from such nice people.  Thanks Jan and David for being great clients and for your generous words.


Feel Free to contact us with your own love letter.