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As our underwriting on NPR says, at Stearns Design Build “we are committed to the goals of environmental and community stewardship.”  One way that we want to work toward the goal of providing community stewardship is by offering a blog post every Friday on a different locally owned and independent business or nonprofit. A hallmark of community is the degree to which people in the community know one another. Our locally owned businesses and nonprofits are an essential part of our community.  Unlike formula businesses and national nonprofits, that are also often important community members, our local businesses and nonprofits help uniquely define our local character.  They are more integrated into the community, making decisions based on a relationship to the community rather than revenue alone.  Knowing a little about these organizations makes us better connected.  We are seeking information to help compile these posts.  If you are, or know, a local business owner or nonprofit director that would like to be featured please let us know. Or, you can us this to help us gather the necessary information. Send it to hugh@stearnsdesignbuild.com

**Is this business owned at least 51% buy people who live within 75 miles of Bryan, Texas?

**Does this business have the authority to make all decisions locally?

**Business owner(s):

Number of employees:

Year business started:

Inspiration for the business:

Brief history of the business:

Primary products and services of the business:

Tell an interesting story about the business, its owners, employees or customers:

Philosophy and/or goal of the business:

*Name five locally owned independent businesses or nonprofits that you like.

** Must be answered

* We request and answer

The rest are intended to help provide information about the people and personality of your organization.  Feel free to fill in as you wish or to use a different format altogether.

Tomorrow we will post an entry about Stearns Design Build to provide an example.