Kitchen Price Catalog

The Cozy Kitchen                             $33,000.00

This small kitchen went from difficult to use with tight spaces to an inviting layout. The old cabinet drawers were stiff, the finish was outdated, and the countertop was dull. The new kitchen includes self-closing drawers, soft-closing doors and a fresh design that ties the whole house together. Some other interesting changes are the bar to sit at, extra counter space made out of quartz, and undercabinet lighting that greatly improves the overall brightness of the room.

The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen                        $33,000.00

Although this kitchen was in good conditions, the finishes and colors created a very dark atmosphere. The countertop was dark, the cabinets had an antique glazing and the hardware just wasn’t what the owner was looking for.  Improvements to this kitchen include replacing old appliances, painting the cabinets, installing a copper farmhouse sink, replacing all the cabinet hardware, replacing the tile back-splash and replacing the granite counter top with a quartz one. All of this was done in keeping with the style of the rest of the house and creating a much lighter color scheme. A couple of nice touches include a beautiful touch activated faucet and a practical desk off the Breakfast nook.

The Red Oak Kitchen                    $44,000.00

For this kitchen, it was important to maintain the style that is throughout the home. The rich red oak with a clean edge and custom crafted feel. The flooring was replaced with a more comfortable cork floor that matches the color scheme for the house. The countertops became a wonderful focal point with a very interesting granite containing four different colors. The addition of new cabinets for new appliances and a coffee station, added extra function to the kitchen.

The Simple Kitchen                    $47,000.00

The owner found themselves constrained in this kitchen with nowhere to prepare meals. A small counterspace and outdated appliances made their kitchen to be impractical and uncomfortable. They enjoyed their existing cabinets, but just couldn’t make the kitchen work for them. The solution was to replace the cooktop and wall oven with a gas range. The large refrigerator was replaced with a cabinet depth one. Both things allowed for more floor space and more counterspace. Improved lighting and updated appliances added to the comfort and functionality of the kitchen. Now the once cramped and dark kitchen is bright and a joy to use.

The Island Kitchen                      $85,000.00

A beautiful custom home with a not-so-custom kitchen. With its tight spaces, 90’s suburban design (despite being made in the ought’s) and an overall look that just did not connect to the rest of the house, this kitchen was in need for an update. We eliminated the peninsula that closed the kitchen off from the adjoining living room. The bar and the tiny island were replaced with a large central island that distributes space around it, making the kitchen more accessible and functional for more than one person at a time. The appliances were relocated to a built-in cabinet that took design elements from other parts of the house, such as the fireplace hearth. A separate set of cabinets on one wall create a nice space for small appliances, while creating the look of an independent piece of furniture. A new desk with better storage and a built-in space for a TV was also included. The design style was made to not only match the rest of the house, but accentuate it and add on something more for the kitchen to stand out.

The Family Kitchen                             $120,000.00

In this project, we had an excellent challenge. Built 80 years ago, it is the home the owner grew up in. The history of the kitchen was palpable. For this reason, great care was taken to preserve some of the elements that gave it personality. Cabinets, windows and trims were preserved, while adding all new finishes to the floor and the countertops. All new lighting, expansion of the kitchen into another room, appliances and new plumbing fixtures, transformed the kitchen into a large fully accessible and useful space, while keeping to the style of the house itself. Some interesting details include the uncovering of an old brick flue in the wall, the installation of a soap stone sink, and the restoration of the original upper cabinets. Structural repairs also needed to be made as well as improving access into the kitchen from the hallway and outside.