Our bodies are 60-70% water—it’s a substance we vitally need to survive. In fact, all plants and animals need it to live. This means it’s crucial that we use water responsibly, especially in dry times like the present. Here are some City of College Station goals about water conservation as well as suggestions for how our community can become more responsible users. The City of College Station’s goals in regards to water are to reduce overall consumption and develop reuse methods. For example, they hope to begin reusing water for maintenance of athletic areas in City parks, thereby saving 1,000,000 gallons of potable (drinkable) water every day! If you’d like to reuse water, have a rain barrel installed in your yard to collect  runoff from your roof. This allows you to store the rain for later use in your garden. Planting native or drought resistant plants that need less water is another way you can help decrease your home’s consumption. Grouping plants with similar watering needs together also ensures that you won’t over-water or waste water on certain plants. When you do water, do so in the early morning or late evening when the temperature is cool—this will prevent the evaporation of water from your sprinklers. There are also some things you can do inside your home that will help you conserve further. Installing low flow shower heads and shortening your normal showering time by a few minutes are good ways to decrease use. If you have an older high volume toilet, consider replacing it. Or, you can use a toilet dam or plastic bottle (for displacement) in the toilet tank to decrease the amount of water that fills it. Also, wash only full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine. If your washing machine has different load size options, make sure you adjust them before washing.

The City of College Station is also on a Brazos area committee that advocates keeping storm drain water clean of pollutants and chemicals. If you’d like to find out why this is so important and learn some ways you can help, read our blog about keeping water pure.