The City of College Station’s Green Committee is developing an action plan with goals that strive for environmental consciousness and responsibility. What are these goals and how can we as members of the community help reach them? Energy efficiency and conservation is a topic that is on all our minds (especially when our monthly utility bills arrive in the mail). The City’s goals for this area include having renewable energy become a part of our purchased energy, and having it available for resale to Utility customers. This means the city buys energy from a wind farm in west Texas which you can then opt to use in your home. You can choose to have 10%, 50%, or 100% of your electricity come from wind power. A con is that the purchasing rate is a little more than standard electricity, but the good news is a portion of it goes into a fund to plant trees in College Station. We love our trees here in College Station (in particular those old oaks on campus) and I’m sure we all want future Aggies to have old trees they can enjoy around town too.

Another City goal is to reduce overall energy consumption. You can help with this by discovering and eliminating ways you waste energy. Switch out your incandescent light bulbs for CFLs or LEDs. Stop phantom loads from plugged in and turned off electrical devices. Think about having an Energy Audit to determine improvements for your home that will help make your heating and cooling more efficient. To learn more about the how-and-why to each of these suggested actions, check out our other blogs about phantom loads, efficient lighting, and air leakage.

Next week, we’ll talk about more of the City’s goals and more of the ways you can be a part of them. We are proud of our company president, Hugh Stearns, for being on a committee that is helping to develop the action plan.