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the frame gallery

the frame gallery

One of the great things about locally owned independent businesses is the degree to which they do community.  Independent businesses are integrally tied to the community that they are in and as such those owners tend to be great stewards of community.

One business that exemplifies this is The Frame Gallery.  Greta Watkins the owner of The Frame Gallery has, more than anyone else, inspired and created the downtown renaissance in Bryan.  She has worked tirelessly to make First Fridays and the Art Step the huge success that they are.  Twenty years ago, downtown Bryan was as far from cool as one could get, now it is an amazing center of community, commerce and art.  I seriously doubt that this would have happened if not for Greta.

The Frame Gallery at 216 N. Bryan Ave. is the heart of downtown.  On First Fridays the place is hopping. Greta’s husband, Randy, and his band are set up playing some excellent mell

As a community, we are very fortunate to have the stewardship that Greta Watkins provides, as well as the unique personality that she brings to The Frame Gallery. ow jazz, the walls are covered with incredible local art and the place is elbow to elbow with the fine people of our community.  It is a scene not to be missed, and so very different than other times at The Frame Gallery.  I love to slide into The Frame Gallery on a hot afternoon when the crowds are not as imposing and spend some time enjoying the visual talents of the artists of our town.  Greta’s portraits of Brazos Valley personalities are some of my favorites.