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Goodness, are the holidays a busy time? Decorating, shopping, entertaining: for most, this is not a time to think about remodeling. But maybe it should be.  Chances are that this might be a time when your house is under maximum stress.  These are the times that many remodeling projects are geared to improve.

When your home is full of guests is a great time to take inventory of traffic patterns and places of congestion.  Is there a bottleneck coming into the living room? Do you need more space at the front door?  Would an additional guest bathroom be helpful?

When there are extra cooks in the kitchen is a perfect time to think about changes that might be helpful there. Remodeling Magazine says, “We all love to hang out where the food is, so your kitchen and eating space need to be designed to flow and function for cooking and entertaining.” Are guests in the way of cooking? Do you have enough counter space, storage space, refrigeration? Are the spices where they should be? Are there too many steps between the frig and the prep area? This is the time to think about efficiency in your kitchen.

Is there room for everyone around the dining room table? Is there a protected screened in porch for spillover space? How are those floor coverings? Does everything come together in the coordinated way that makes you proud to show your home off?

The holidays are a busy time and a time to enjoy family and friends. It is also a great time to think about your home and imagine great improvements to make it even warmer and more of a reflection of you.

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