Classy Girls’ Cupcakes was created by two teachers with a love for sweets!  We were hired as teachers the same year in College Station and our friendship grew because of our shared love of baking and tasting!  In the summer of 2010 we took a girls trip to the northeast  and enjoyed cupcake tasting at Magnolia Bakery in New York City and *ndulge Cupcake Boutique in State College, Pennsylvania.  Our favorite cupcake of all time is Red Velvet, so whenever we order it’s always one red velvet and one other flavor, and then we split them.  I don’t know if we have ever eaten a whole cupcake of one flavor, when we are together. Classy Girls’ Cupcakes of Aggieland was created because two girls could not find any cupcakes in town that would satisfy our cupcake craving! (at that time there were no cupcake shops!)   In the fall of 2012, we started baking cupcakes to sell by friend requests.   Through word of mouth and a Facebook page, we have sold over 1,000 cupcakes since October.   

We both teach 5th grade math in College Station, and we naturally incorporate cupcakes into our lessons whenever possible.  Cupcake recipes and different combinations of cake flavors and icing are topics that help us teach fractions and possible outcomes.  Talking about cupcakes makes for a great audience! The kids love it and are our biggest fans!  We couldn’t do it without our support team!

Much of our time in the kitchen is spent tweaking recipes to find the best tasting ones.  We have perfected our classic flavors, red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, and carrot cake.  As the seasons change, we add in flavors specific to the season.  In the fall, we made a sweet potato bourbon cupcake with a bourbon glaze, our classic carrot cake, and a cappuccino cupcake with whipped topping.  Many have said we have the best icing they have ever hadJ  We have a lot of cupcake tasting experience and that is why we use the freshest and highest quality ingredients.   We know what tastes good!

Not only do we change flavors as the seasons change, but we are always up for a challenge by customer’s request.  We have incorporated Pop Rocks into cupcakes, hot pink and zebra theme, and purple filling for the Lady Cougars.

The best part of this business and experience is that we are doing what we love and our friendship has grown.  There have been many late school nights in the kitchen doing some “cupcake bonding!”  We are very happy about what has occurred the past few months with CGC and are excited to what God has in store for our future.

“We are two teachers caught between a chalk board and a spatula.”  Rebekah and Hilary

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