Let’s start with the title of this post.  I started out to write about the dearth of women in the construction field and the incredible women that are part of our team. The term “girl power” popped into my head.  That is a common term these days.  I figured that was because of some children’s superhero.  I googled it. The first entry was Wikipedia, which said, “Girl power is a slogan that encourages and celebrates women’s empowerment, independence, and confidence.”

Why… how does the term “girl power” encourage women’s empowerment?

Does “boy power” encourage men’s empowerment?

And what about the term manpower? It denotes work done by anyone including girls and women.

Will we ever be able to make our language gender neutral? Maybe it seems trifling to you. Not to me.

Nonetheless, there is a sense in which I like the expression “girl power.” It denotes something young, not as in underdeveloped, but as in unjaded. This is the perspective we must have if we are to overcome so much scripting of language and culture.

This scripting is likely the reason why only 10% of the construction industry is represented by women.  I don’t know what that percentage is within residential remodeling or what it is in the College Station and  Bryan area. Later, I will write about the two powerful women on our team. Our workforce has twice the industry average percentage of women, but we strive to do better than that. We are always looking for qualified women to be part of our team.