We now provide an energy assessment with every Remodel project we do that is over $10,000.  Doing this is such a no-brainer that we are making it an automatic part of our process.

With relatively little effort, we can provide information on how to cost effectively reduce utility bills. Reducing monthly utility bills can be a great investment.  In most homes, especially those more than ten years old, a good deal of savings can be achieved with a relatively small investment.  And, if the assessment is coming to you with no added cost, it really makes sense.

To do this assessment we use a specialized piece of equipment called a blower door to depressurize your house and locate air leaks in the home.  This is the low hanging fruit of energy retrofitting. Most air leaks are easy to identify and inexpensive to fix.  We also do a visual inspection of insulation and air ducts.  For a slightly larger investment a full-scale energy audit can be done. However, with this free assessment we can identify and prescribed retrofits that will provide a smart return on investment.  We can do this work for you, or, if you wish, much of it can be done by a handy do-it-yourselfer.

Depending on the nature of the remodeling to be done, we can usually improve the energy efficiency of a home within the course of the remodel.  Some of the more common ways that we are able to do this include:

·         Use of LED lighting

·         Sealing air leaks

·         Improving insulation

·         Use of day-lighting

·         Low flow plumbing fixtures

·         Using high efficiency windows

·         Adding high efficiency AC equipment and appliances.

For those interested in deeper energy reductions, we recommend a full-blown energy audit that yields more information.  Here is some possible consideration for deeper energy cuts:

·         Converting to a non-vented attic

·         Adding or replacing insulation

·         Replacement of all windows

·         Replacing siding and insulation

·         Solar hot water

·         Solar power

Price is always a consideration when looking at a remodeling project. By reducing monthly energy bills, we can help make your remodeling venture provide a return on investment every month.