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Do you want value?  Of course, you do. Doesn’t everyone? 

But what does that mean?  Value is not a fixed point. It is an equation.  An often-used example in discussions of value is the fine Italian shoes that cost twice as much as a regular pair of shoes but last four times longer.  The Italian shoes are an excellent value… if you can afford them. 

Homes provide a much more complex equation than shoes. Just like shoes- durability, fashion, and design are key issues but with many more variables within each category. Additionally, the cost of maintenance and utilities are also part of this equation.

The single variable for home buying is cost per square foot, which throws all of these variables for value out the cheap, builder-grade window.  Unfortunately, the price per square foot is not a good benchmark for value but that is what sells homes. Typically, to get the price per square foot down, builders are encouraged to provide the most space possible for the lowest price possible.  This has given birth to a whole line of building products called “builder grade.”  This means that the builder will provide the lowest possible quality that will ensure getting through the short warranty period.

 The same opportunities to use cheap materials and cut corners on craftsmanship exist in remodeling. If fact, they are even more of an issue. This is because the spaces that are most frequently remodeled are those with the most finish in them: cabinets, tile, appliances, and fixtures.  For example, bathrooms and kitchens are rooms that sometimes lack the durability and quality that homeowners expect. This can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient for the homeowner. This is due to many builders cutting corners in order to reduce the price per square foot. 

Just like you pay a mortgage payment every month, you also pay your utility bill every month. The difference is you never pay your utility bill off.

Unless you start generating your own energy you will continue to get a bill from the utility company, even after your mortgage is fully paid.

Here at Stearns, our crews are trained to NOT cut corners.  Nonetheless, we are happy to put our expertise to work for you! Even if you’re doing the work yourself, please don’t hesitate to email or call us. We’d love to help!