Today’s blog is a shout out about a flame retardant product that is being developed and tested at Texas A&M. It’s made from natural and renewable resources: layers of clay and a polymer from crab shells. These layers are designed to help prevent a fire from igniting a surface instead of trying to extinguish it after ignition like most fire retardants. In one test, the product was applied to a foam block and then exposed to flame. The clay-crab shell layers not only successfully kept the foam from igniting, but also prevented the foam from melting or hardening. The team at A&M is even exploring and testing other layers of polymers for potential fabric flame retardants. It’ll be great to hear news of their progress in the future! Who knows– this may be a product that we eventually use for fire proofing homes.

Here is link to a short article with a little more information about the product as well as a photo.