Remodeled home in Bryan / College Station, by Stearns Design Build

Remodeled home in Bryan / College Station, by Stearns Design Build

There was a recent article in the Environmental Issues Blog that identified and discussed potential environmental risks that can be present in our homes. Although awareness is the first step, we felt the article was a little doom-and-gloom: we therefore want to share suggestions on how you can decrease these risks and create a healthy, happy home environment!


Since many of us are inside for the majority of the day, it’s important to be aware of pollutants from household items. After identifying sources of pollutants, you can eliminate or reduce their presence to improve the air quality of your home. This is a reason that you and your contractor should be in the know about the types of materials and emissions in products such as carpet or paint whenever you have changes made to your home.

Improving ventilation is also another way to increase air quality. Try to ventilate for short-term activities such as cleaning that involve chemical fumes. When the weather permits, open your home up to the outdoors— this not only brings in fresh air, but it’s also a perfect way to enjoy nature’s beauty. At Stearns we believe that this connection to your surrounding environment is a key part of living.

You can purchase air cleaners and purifiers, small and large; however some of these can be expensive, so be cautious and do your homework before making a decision! Remembering to change the air filter of your home’s HVAC system on a timely basis is a simpler alternative.

You can also introduce indoor plants into your spaces. These plants help remove pollutants from the air and are good for your well-being – they relax and refresh.