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Hugh Stearns

I had a great time talking about home water recycling systems on Rethinking Green last night. Thanks to 




 for being such gracious hosts and all the great work that they do in putting this program on.So here is the issue: There are four types of water at your house: Potable water Rainwater Graywater Blackwater Why do we flush toilets with potable water? For that matter why do we not shower and wash clothing with


and why do we not have onsite treatment of waste water that redirects the clean effluent?There are a few reasons, the first being that we do not pay the full cost of potable water. Also we do not change easily.So here is the problem, how do we create an inexpensive system that Americans will use that does a better job of conserving water? I know that some of you, like the Rowe brothers, 


 and Jack, must have some great insights. I am ready to include a smarter hybrid water system for the houses we design and build. Rethink green and share your ideas about what such a system might look like.

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recycle, etc.; the third w...

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