Joining in College Station’s Green Goals: Air Quality

Like water, we need air to survive. Our cells require the oxygen found in air to live—they die within a few minutes without it. Because it is such a vital resource, we should take care that the air we breathe is clean and free of harmful pollutants! What are some of College Station’s goals that will help us do this? The City hopes to reduce harmful emissions (that decrease outdoor air quality) through their example and through increasing our awareness of alternate means of transportation. You can join in by using these alternate means, such as bicycle trails throughout the city, to get to and from work or school. This is a great option if you live close by to your destination and enjoy being in the outdoors (especially during the times of year when the weather is wonderful!). Also consider taking the bus, or perhaps carpooling with coworkers and neighbors to reduce the amount of emissions caused by an over abundance of vehicles on the road.

Another way to help increase overall air quality is to reduce energy use. If we become more energy efficient in our homes and places of work, we decrease the amount of energy that needs to be produced in power plants. This in turn decreases emissions which can cause smog and other harmful conditions.

Remember, indoor air quality is also important! To ensure clean air in your home, be careful in your use of strong household chemicals, using them only in well ventilated areas. Also, educate yourself about products that emit VOCs or volatile organic compounds. These compounds can be found in certain types materials in your home, like carpet. There are many products available now that have decreased or even eliminated their emissions to help keep your indoor air healthy. For more suggestions of things you can do in your home, check out our blogs about indoor air quality and VOCs.