Green and Clean: Ventilate for a Healthy Bathroom.

Did you know that more than a pint of moisture is spread throughout your home’s air supply during every shower you take? If not ventilated properly, this moisture has the potential to grow mold and mildew, which can compromise the quality of your home’s air and even make you and your family sick. But don’t worry – here are some design tips that can help to get rid of moisture, helping you to breathe easier.

Natural ventilating with operable windows

Ventilating your bathroom is often a two-step process consisting of both a bath fan and operable windows. Operable windows not only ventilate, but also provide design value, great outdoor views, and natural day lighting. However, here in College Station and Bryan the air outside is often as hot and humid as the steam coming off of a hot shower.

Privacy is always a concern with bathroom windows.  Some options for operable windows and privacy include:


Shutters allow airflow and modesty to coexist. Seek out shutters made of composite materials rather than wood that can hold up to the moist environment.

Windows over Eye-level

Hopper windows, smartly placed above eye level is a great way to achieve natural light and ventilation, while still having privacy.

Operable Skylights

Skylights are another way to introduce natural light into your bathroom and also exhaust moist air. But this opportunity comes at a significant price, as most skylights are the source of considerable solar gain.  In the Brazos Valley skylights should only be considered for north facing roof surfaces.

A Door from your Bath to the Exterior with curtains

A door from your bath to the exterior is another great way to provide fresh air and, with a full light door, light and view.


Landscaping can also provide privacy


              Exhaust Fans Exhaust fans are essential for proper bathroom ventilation. At Stearns Design Build we specify Panasonic Whisper Green fans with a built in humidistat.  These fans are very quiet, energy efficient and, with the added humidistat, they automatically take care of moisture in the air.   These fans can be integrated with the homes central air system to be a part of the homes complete ventilation system.  With modern, well sealed homes such integration becomes much more important than it was when homes were built with more passive air flow otherwise know as uncomfortable drafts.