Confronting the Politics of Our Industry

Duke Energy fly ash spill.

Duke Energy fly ash spill.

All professional organizations do it. They promote the single interests of their industry without consideration of the bigger picture.  Most Americans distrust this self-serving view of the world. We are no different.  In this article The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) supports the wholesale repeal of regulations that are inconvenient for home builders but that might help keep others safe. 

I am in no way taking a stand on the overall bloated-ness of Washington bureaucracies or their ability to serve the people. This is simply about my industry’s support of policies that are not well thought out or widely serving. In this article, The NAHB suggests that ditches and private ponds are not deserving of regulation. But, of course, water is fluid. Private ditches and ponds overflow and pour into public waterways.  What constitutes a private pond?  Could it include toxic waste holding tanks, or ponds holding fly ash.

If we are going to get past our current culture of polarized politics, we must be willing to hold our own special interests accountable to the goal of benefit to all.  At Stearns Design Build we stand for fairness.

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